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Process Development: Necessary Know-how for Managing the Multi-Scale Task


Who should attend?

  • Chemists and engineers involved in the chemistry, design, development, or scale-up of new or existing chemical processes.
  • Managers interested in introducing the latest process development methodologies in their group, and optimizing their R&D budget & process development time.

What can you expect to learn?

  • The Multiscale Objective-oriented Process Development (MOPD) concept, what it can do for you, why it is needed, and the important issues to consider.
  • Process onion diagram and how to employ the concept in your process development project.
  • The key concepts in various technologies for each layer of the onion diagram, and how to use them to identify bottlenecks in your process development project.

Course Abstract

Participants will get an overview of process development starting from the time a process chemistry is invented in the lab to the synthesis and development of a commercial scale process. The course examines the key issues at each level in the development workflow, the available technologies for solving problems, and the key information required. Specifically, participants can expect to learn about the following:

  • A systematic workflow for process development.
  • Effective use of experimental data and modeling in process development.
  • Overview of design and development of the various aspects of a process.
    • Reactor synthesis and development
    • Separation process synthesis
    • Heat integration and pinch technology
  • Use of Vapor-Liquid, Liquid-Liquid, and Solid-Liquid equilibrium phase diagrams in synthesizing separation processes.
  • Scale-up issues in process development.
  • The use of modeling and software tools in process development.
  • How to better control and manage the expectations in a given process development task


Dr. Lionel O’Young is president and co-founder of CWBTech. He was vice president of MCRIC, a research and process development unit of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation in the United States. He has over 15 years of experience in process synthesis and development, which covers petrochemical, fine chemical, and pharmaceutical processes. He holds several patents for various petrochemical processes.


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