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Practical Strategies for Energy Issues of Chemical Plant Complexes


Who should attend?

  • Engineers interested in knowing what is the thermodynamically lowest energy requirement of the process, and how to design a minimum energy consumption process
  • Managers interested in implementing strategies for energy reduction for inidividual plants and the entire plant site

What can you expect to learn?

  • How to determine the utility consumption of plants and processes.
  • The basic theory and applications of Pinch Analysis.
  • Why certain process modifications will reduce the energy consumption.
  • How to determine the true cost of steam and electricity.
  • What you should know about your plant when making fuel purchase contracts.
  • Tools to better evaluate projects for energy related capital expenditures.
  • How to identify mistakes that your operations are making that cost you money.
  • How to develop comprehensive energy reduction programming for your company.

Course Abstract

Participants will get an overview of several modes of energy study. Fundamentals and new tools will be taught, with a chance for interaction by means of hands-on workshops. The course and methods taught are designed to improve your thinking to identify meaningful energy reductions that help your company’s overall performance. Specifically, participants can expect to learn about the following:

  • Individual Process Energy Analysis
    • Stream Data Extraction
    • Energy Targeting
    • Heat Recovery Network Design
    • Area Target & SuperTargeting
    • Utility Targeting
    • Process Modifications
    • Retrofit Design
  • Total Site Energy Analysis
    • Introduction to Total Site Modeling
    • Building the Total Site Model
    • Analysis Using the Total Site Model
    • Using Total Site modeling software
    • Total Site Design
    • Energy Planning


Dr. Lionel O’Young is president and co-founder of CWB Technology. He was vice president of MCRIC, a research and process development unit of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation in the United States. He previously worked at Linnhoff March in the area of Pinch Technology. He has 20 years of experience consulting in numerous process development projects, and holds several patents for various petrochemical processes. He is the winner of the prestigious AIChE CAST Division’s Computing Practice Award for 2007.
Dr. Joseph Schroer is a group manager principal engineer at CWB Technology. He has been involved in various consulting projects for fuels, gas-to-liquids, and petrochemicals process development at CWB Technology, and has additional experience in the pulp and paper industry.


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