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Short Courses

Crystallization Process Development


Who should attend?

  • Chemists and engineers engaged in the development of processes or operations that involve crystallization.
  • Researchers interested in improving the design method and/or operational performance of your crystallization process.
  • Process engineers interested in learning about the logical and systematic approach for synthesizing and developing crystallization processes.
  • Managers interested in introducing the latest crystallization process synthesis and development methodologies in their group.

What can you expect to learn?

  • The solid-liquid equilibrium (SLE) phase diagram, their interpretation, and usage in synthesizing crystallization processes.
  • Systematic methods for generating and evaluating crystallization process alternatives using SLE phase diagrams.
  • Calculation and experimental methods for generating SLE phase diagrams, as a part of an overall development workflow.
  • The use of software tools to speed up the development of crystallization processes.

Course Outline

Participants would benefit from lectures and hands-on workshops on the following topics:

  • An overview of crystallization process development.
  • Basics of SLE phase behavior and phase diagrams.
  • Thermodynamic-based conceptual design of crystallization processes
  • Applications examples in crystallization process synthesis.
  • Modeling and experimental determination of SLE phase behavior.
  • Integrative crystallization process development.


Dr. Christianto Wibowo is a principal engineer at CWB Technology. He is currently involved in various consulting projects on the development of crystallization and solid-liquid separation processes, as well as actively teaching training courses on this subject. He has years of experience conducting research in the area of solids processing and crystallization process development, and has co-authored many papers on these and other topics.
Dr. Lionel OYoung is president and co-founder of CWBTech. He was vice president of MCRIC, a research and process development unit of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation in the United States. He has over 15 years of experience in process synthesis and development, which covers petrochemical, fine chemical, and pharmaceutical processes. He holds several patents for various petrochemical processes.
Dr. Ketan D. Samant is principal engineer at CWB Technology. He also acts as the product manager for SLEEK, CWBTechs state-of-the-art software for crystallization process development. Prior to joining CWBTech, he was a senior development engineer at Aspen Technology Ltd. He has published numerous articles on crystallization and reaction engineering, including a book chapter on reactive crystallization.


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